10 Activities to Address Hand Strength at Home

What are signs of poor hand strength? Problems with hand strength may look like difficulty holding a pencil, hands becoming fatigued when writing, difficulty with manipulating zippers or buttons, or an unability to utilize scissors.

There are many fun ways to address hand strengthening with your children that incorporate play using materials that you may find at home! I compiled a list of 10 activities you can do at home to address hand and finger strengthening.

  1. Tweezers or Tongs: These can be used to grasp and release small objects. Utilization of tongs/tweezers also promote an appropriate three finger grasp pattern and can be set up to promote crossing midline.
  2. Play Doh: You can use a rolling pin to roll play doh or cookie cutters that require pressing and finger strength.
  3. Gross Motor Activities: These allow you to use both hands! Get moving by completing activities ranging from yoga poses to playing on a jungle gym.
  4. Crafts: Completing crafts is a fun way to focus on using scissors, which also strengthens fingers and hands! You can also work on hand strength by squeezing glue and tearing/crumpling paper.
  5. Spray Bottles: You can use these outside or in the bathtub! This is a great way to address finger strength.
  6. Water Dropper or Sponge: You can use these during bath time or work with your child to "clean" toys, windows, etc.!
  7. Hole Punch Activities: This is a fun and different way to address strengthening.
  8. Rubber Band Activities: You can use rubber bands by stretching them and putting them on a container such as a soup can.
  9. Clothespin’s Activity: You can use clothespins to work on finger strength by retrieving small items such as pom poms.
  10. Opening Containers and Lids: This allows for usage of the full hand and fingers while also addressing bilateral coordination using the non-dominant hand for stabilization.

Happy hand strengthening!

-Krystan Inman, COTA/L