10 Interview Questions You Should Ask an Employer as a CF

Interviewing for your first job and knowing what questions to ask a potential employer can be tough!

Here are 10 questions you should ask a potential employer during your the interview process as a CF:

1. Can you tell me about the client population that I would be working with in this position?

2. What therapy techniques or approaches are commonly used in this clinic/school?

3. How are therapy sessions typically structured and scheduled?

4. What resources or materials are available to support therapy sessions?

5. What kind of support or supervision is provided to therapists in this position?/ Will my CF Supervisor be on site?

6. How do you assess and measure progress in therapy?

7. Can you describe any interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities with other healthcare professionals?

8. How does this clinic/school prioritize family involvement and communication?

9. Can you share any challenges or specific cases that I may encounter in this role?

10. What opportunities exist for professional development and continuing education?

Good luck as you start your career!

Jessica Lenden-Holt, MA CCC-SLP