A Day in the Life of a Contract SLP Teletherapist

Are you an SLP working for the schools? Do you enjoy the schedule but also want to work from home? With a contract SLP teletherapy position you get to enjoy all the benefits of the school schedule while also working remotely.

Follow along as I take you through my day as a contract SLP teletherapist!

I start my working day about 30 minutes before my students start school. I am able to wake up, get ready, make my coffee and walk downstairs to my home office to get started! The commute is unbeatable. The first thing I do is check my schedule for the day to make sure I have all students scheduled at the correct times. If there are open spots, I add in makeup sessions for kids who have missed times or plan out what paperwork items I can complete during that time.

When it is time for my first session I join the link, and start working with my kiddos. These sessions continue back-to-back about every 20 minutes until it’s time for lunch. During these sessions, I use many online games through screen sharing, including Jeopardy, Feeding a Shark, and many board games that can all be manipulated to fit each student’s individual goals. I also love to use the whiteboard and resources embedded directly into our teletherapy platform to let my students draw and interact with materials by making their own marks or placing their own stickers.

Throughout my sessions, I am keeping track of student progress through their online patient portal. This keeps all of their goals and data points organized in one place that I can easily refer back to check progress and see what has been worked on previously. I take a short break for lunch midday. I use this time to grab something to eat, catch up on emails, and get set up for the afternoon sessions.

The afternoon sessions follow the same pattern as the morning with back-to-back sessions in the teletherapy platform. It is easy to use the platform to switch between students that are at the same school or location. You can also create links to allow you to see students from multiple schools and locations back to back without delay.

After I complete all sessions for the day, I check over to make sure all notes are signed and attendance is marked for every student. I am able to then work on reports, paperwork, and case management items with the flexibility that fits my schedule. After my day is finished, I go to bed to prepare to start it all again the next morning.

Julia Olla, M.S., CCC-SLP