Beach Scavenger Hunt

Summertime means it's time to hit the beach! Check out these fun ways to have a scavenger hunt at your favorite vacation spot.

Find the following items and place an "X" in the spot below:

_ Find 3 different seashells

_ Find a sand bucket with a shovel

_ Find 2 beach balls

_ Find 2 things that give you shade on the beach (ex: an umbrella and a palm tree)

_ Find 2 ocean animals in the water (ex: a starfish and a crab)

_ Find 2 things you wear at the beach (ex: sunglasses and flip flops)

_ Find something you carry to the ocean (ex: a tote bag)

_ Find 2 things you can use while at the ocean (ex: sunscreen and a camera)

Happy hunting!

-Krystan Inman, COTA/L & Michelle Lowe, COTA/L