Brain Breaks - Why Are They Important?

Brain breaks or movement breaks are so beneficial for kids...and can actually be helpful for adults too! Brain breaks are movements or activities throughout the day for a few minutes to help add a little movement after sitting or being still for an extended period of time. A perfect time for little ones to add a brain break is after they have been sitting for more than 1-2 hours in a classroom and they start getting fidgety. Our bodies are meant to move! So when we sit for more than 1-2 hours, it's good for our bodies and minds to get up and move, whether it be a little walk, a brain break, or some type of other exercise/activity.

These breaks can help strengthen our bodies and minds by getting our blood pumping to our muscles and making a brain-muscle connection. If your little one is moving around in their seat, kicking their feet, or fidgeting while in their seats...they need to move around! This will also help them to focus better during class!

Try a little brain break every day and see how better focused you are when you return to your work/task!

Here are some examples of movement or brain breaks to try next time you need to move!

  1. Walk to another room in your house
  2. Climb a set of stairs
  3. Yoga (kids and adults)
  4. Exercise (it doesn't have to be long, maybe 5-15 minutes if that's all you can fit in)
  5. Brain break - choose 3-5 movements and do for about 5-10 minutes
  6. Set up a little obstacle course for little ones...try to let them help (they get pretty creative!)
  7. Interval exercises (marching, animal walks, jumping jacks)

Whitney Castle, PT, DPT