Picnic/Park Scavenger Hunt

Summer is here, which means a lot more more opportunities to explore the outdoors! Here is your go-to guide to a picnic/park scavenger hunt:

-Make a list! On the list, you can write down items that the kids need to collect and other items that can be captured by camera or video.

-When searching for clues, provide hints such as: "something square," "something red," "something round," "something taller than you," "something shorter than you," "find something smooth," or "find something rough."

-For older children, you could write a story about what you saw in the park, working on writing sentences rather than words.

-You could also play “What am I?”. This is a fun way to relate it to what you see at the park or about the animals that live in the area!

-Draw flowers together!

-Make a dandelion chain.

-Use a magnifiying glass to look closely at small details on insects, flowers, and leaves.

-Another idea is to use riddles for the child to guess and object to provide hints!

For example, to guess the word "Bench," you might say:

"I am sometimes found in the park, sometimes on the sidewalk. You can sit on me to rest or take a break."

Or, to guess the word "Bicycle," you might say:

"You ride me instead of walking, you can go fast or slow. I have two wheels and pedals."

-Created by: Krystan Inman, COTA/L & Michelle Lowe, COTA/L