Tips + Tricks: Rolling Back to Belly

Rolling is one of the first big milestones that your little baby achieves. Some babies roll early, some roll late. Every baby is on their own timeline, but when should you expect this to happen? Around 5-6 months old, they should start rolling from their back onto their belly!

So, what does it take for your little one to roll from their tummy to their back?

  1. Bending their hips and knees toward their chest
  2. Reaching across their body with their arm and rotating their trunk
  3. Using their trunk and neck muscles to pull their body over and look up

If your little one is struggling to roll over, it's usually because one of those three tasks is hard for them to do. If you figure out which one that is, you can work on it! Below are a few activities you can do to get your little babe rolling over.

  1. Lay them on their back with fun socks on or with a ring toy around their ankle. This encourages them to play with their toes, working on hip flexion.
  2. Laying on their back or sitting with assistance, have them reach for a toy with their left hand that's on the right side of their body and vice versa.
  3. Straddle their legs over your leg and, while holding their trunk, lean them side so they have to use their truck and neck muscles to stay up right.

Working on these few activities for 20 minutes a day can help strengthen their little bodies and provide them with the confidence to roll over! Babies typically don't prefer tummy time, so rolling from their back to their belly usually happens later than rolling from their belly onto their back. If you've tried it all or need some extra help, give Sidekick a call to set up a visit with one of the physical or occupational therapists. We're here to help!

-Dr. Cheyenne Allen, PT, DPT