Top 10 Websites for Teletherapy

Does your teletherapy need a reboot? Check out some of my favorite FREE websites for teletherapy activities!*


Quia has so many activities, created by teachers and therapists! Check out these speech therapy pages for articulation and phonology activities.

2. Mystery Doug

Mystery Doug creates weekly videos that encourage our students to ask questions! These are fun, engaging, and great for your older students’ language goals.

3. Story Place

Story Place is full of functional, online PreK activities!

4. Belmikiri

Belmikiri is also great for your PreK students! Check it out for online puzzles, coloring pages, games, and more.

5. Jack Hartmann Kids Music Channel

I love to start my PreK sessions with Jack Hartmann! His songs get my students up and moving, and also incorporate goals like following directions, animal vocabulary, letter/sound identification, and more.

6. Jeopardy Labs

Jeopardy Labs is full of fun language activities! Find templates for multiple meaning words, figurative language, and more.

7. Pink Cat Games

Pink Cat Games has a template for just about any goal, from vocabulary to speech sound production. Simply search the goal you want to target and take turns spinning the wheel, running a race, or building a monster as you work towards your goals!

8. Baamboozle

Baamboozle is full of fun, interactive games that also can target a variety of goals for your students! I’ve used it for syntax goals, vocabulary and more.


Being virtual instead of in-person, our students are probably missing their boardgames in speech. Thankfully, has several favorites, including Uno, Connect 4, and more!

10. Boom Cards

Last but not least, who could forget Boom Cards! We are so thankful for the therapists that are creating these amazing resources to share at Check it out!

What did we miss? Comment below your favorite websites to use for teletherapy!

-Erika Baldwin, M.S., CF-SLP

*Disclaimer: none of these resources are endorsed by or sponsored by Sidekick Therapy Partners