Promote Language Development with Your 0-3 Year-Old at Home

During these uncertain times you may have found yourself spending more time at home with your little ones. Your therapy services may have been moved to teletherapy options or your services may have been suspended for the time being. I am here to provide you with some options to support your child’s language development. Tennessee Early Intervention System (TEIS) has provided 30 days of developmental activities for children ages 0-3-years-old at this link:

One great way to support your child’s language, that is part of the TEIS 30 days of activities for 24-36 months, is to expand your child’s language. If your child is using one word, repeat that word and add some descriptors. For example, if your child is saying “dog," you could respond by saying:

  1. “Wow! That’s a small, brown dog!"
  2. “Yes, that dog has soft fur."

Doing this during play activities, down time in the kitchen, or playing in the bath are perfect times to expand on what your kiddo is expressing.

Labeling things for younger ones who may not be speaking yet is a great way to incorporate language as well. Such as:

  1. Different toys
  2. Pictures in books
  3. Body parts at bath time
  4. Food during meals
  5. Anything around the home

Labeling can help expand your child’s vocabulary. A little one can never hear a word too much! It takes multiple labels of an item for a child to commit that word meaning to his or her vocabulary. Spending even 5 minutes a day or incorporating these into your current routines can help support what your speech therapist has been targeting with your child or can help continue working on speech while services are suspended. Enjoy this time at home watching your little ones grow and learn in many new ways!

-Julia Quiroga M.S. CF-SLP