Bike Riding Safety

The weather is warming up-- that means it is time to start bike riding! Riding a bike is a great form of exercise, it is fun, and it gives a child a sense of independence. While bike riding is always fun, accidents can happen. We all need to know how to ride a bike safely. Here are some important tips to always remember before letting your child ride their bike!

• Make sure the bike is kept in working order. Check the brakes, tire pressure, and the chain.

• Make sure the bike is the right size. Your child’s feet should be able to touch the ground when seated. Children should not ride bikes that are too big in the hopes that they will “grow into it.” This could potentially cause injuries.

• Make sure the type of bike is appropriate for your child. Start with a one-speed bike and work up.

• When not riding with your child, set boundaries. Let them know where they can go and how far they can go.

Now that you've checked to make sure that the bike is in good working order and the appropriate size/type, here are a few tips for your bike rider!

• Always wear a helmet – No exceptions!

• When riding on the road, wear bright or reflective clothing.

• Do not ride the bike when it is dark. If you have to, make sure there are reflectors and lights.

• Wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes, not flip flops, while riding.

• Keep both hands on the handle bars at all times.

• Avoid wearing headphones so you can hear oncoming traffic.

• Obey the road rules.

Bike riding can be fun for everyone! While we are having fun riding our bike, we have to be sure to always ride safely to avoid accidents. You can visit for more bike riding safety tips.

-Candace Majors, PTA