Keep Kids Active this Summer!

It is important for us to keep our kiddos active during the summer months. I am going to list various ideas to keep in mind for fun ways to incorporate physical activity this summer!

Exercise has many benefits for children:

  1. Develops coordination and basic motor skills
  2. Builds muscle and bone strength
  3. Reduces risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes
  4. Builds confidence
  5. Increases the child's ability to focus and concentrate when back in school

Fun ways to stay active with your kids:

  1. Local summer camps! These provide your child with a way to stay in touch with their friends and maintain social skills.
  2. Go on a hike
  3. Yoga first thing in the morning to start their day
  4. Go to a local pool or lake
  5. Have your kids help you in the garden
  6. Ride a bike
  7. Jump on a trampoline
  8. Have a balloon toss
  9. Play soccer, basketball, or football!
  10. Rollerblading
  11. Walk/play in the park
  12. Play Hide and Seek
  13. Play Simon Says
  14. Scavenger hunt (see our blogs on nature, beach, lake, and park for ideas!)
  15. Dance
  16. Indoor/outdoor obstacle course
  17. Play Twister
  18. Balloon volleyball
  19. Hula hoop
  20. Hopscotch
  21. Kickball
  22. Play tag
  23. Bowling with plastic cups
  24. Badminton
  25. Water sprinkler
  26. Walk the dog
  27. Go berry/fruit picking
  28. Go on a picnic
  29. Visit outdoor historical sites, the zoo, or museums
  30. Play miniature golf
  31. Go fishing
  32. Jumping rope

Have a fun, active, and safe summer!

-Krystan Inman, COTA/L