Top Five Kids' Choice Activities for Speech Therapy

If you're a speech therapist looking for a few highly motivating activities and games, look no further! I made a note each time a student requested a specific activity, and I've compiled them here. Please welcome to the stage: this year's winners!

Number 5: Shape Shuffle

This year's dark horse features several opportunities for WH-questions, categorization, spatial/quantitative concepts, and more. You can even use each piece as motivation in a speech drill! Vote tally: 16 requests.

Number 4: Connect4

An "oldie but a goodie," my mobile Connect4 set from 5Below has seen a lot, including speech sounds, spatial/quantitative concepts, and WH-questions. Vote tally: 27 requests.

Fun Fact: Roughly 90% of students pick red!

Number 3: Stars 'n Sharks

Full credit for this game goes to Sidekick's very own Jessica Lenden-Holt, as featured in the Sidekick Resource Library. It's perfect for teletherapy--who doesn't love guessing games?--and can be made even more fun by allowing students to guess between empty and prize-packed eggs in a bonus round. Vote tally: 33 requests.

Number 2: Carnival Game Set

No one can turn down an opportunity to throw things! At least, I'm assuming that's the operating principle behind this top pick. Plus, with opportunities for speech and language galore in all of the components, there's more than enough here for students and clinicians! Vote tally: 36 requests.

Number 1: Guess Who

By a landslide, students of every age couldn't get enough of this timeless classic. Whether it's turn-based speech drills or WH-questions/negatives, this game has everything--including the crown, with over 50 requests in the vote tally.

Let's not forget this year's Honorable Mentions:

  1. Play Dough--Play Duh. There's nothing you can't do with Play Dough!
  2. Chompin' Shark - This shark used to have one bad tooth that made it "bite"-- after a month of popularity, it's bitten the dust.

Thanks for checking out this year's winners!

~Paul Rice, M.S., CF-SLP