Self-Care during COVID-19

The pandemic has brought on so many changes in the lives and work of speech, occupational, and physical therapists, as well as the clients and caregivers that they serve. Through it all, taking care of ourselves allows us to continue to care for the clients and profession that we are so passionate about! Check out these ways that we can all reaffirm our commitment to workplace self-care as a COVID-19 clinician.

  1. Ask for help when you need it.

You are NOT alone--remember that you have colleagues and an entire profession navigating this with you! When we feel overwhelmed, it can help to confide in a colleague or loved one that we trust to get the support that we need.

  1. Take that lunch break.

After a busy morning of in-person therapy and/or teletherapy, it can help your brain to reset, refuel, and recharge to continue into the afternoon.

  1. Remember that your capacity as a clinician does not come from the outcome of one session.

When you’re passionate about your profession, it can be easy to be tough on yourself if a session does not go as planned. When this happens, remember that there is so much out of your control, especially this year. You are doing amazing work just by continuing to show up for your patients!

  1. Trust your natural flexibility, adaptability, and creativity.

You know your field, your patients, and your goals. With the changes COVID-19 has brought, you have probably found yourself facing unexpected and last-minute changes almost daily. As challenging as this can be, know that you can and will navigate them with your natural flexibility, adaptability, and creativity. You are your best therapy tool!

-Erika Baldwin, M.S., CF-SLP


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