What's in the Bag?

As a speech therapist that travels to different schools, I always have my trusty bag of therapy supplies with me! Read on to see the toys and tricks I keep on hand:

  1. Dollar Store Toys: Mark your calendars for Easter of next year to check out your local dollar store! From wind-up baby chicks to spinning top carrots to bunnies that launch bouncy balls, this time of year is a jackpot for these items that captivate and motivate my younger students.
  2. Mr. Potato Head: This is a wonderful language activity to focus on everything from body part vocabulary to imaginative play to following directions.
  3. Play Dough and Open-Ended Smash Mats: These are a great reward for any speech or language activity! I've used them for both articulation and language activities with students of all ages.
  4. Board Game: I always keep one board game on hand, be it Candy Land or Connect 4. These activities are sure to engage my older students and are another wonderful open-ended activity.
  5. Bubbles: Who doesn't love bubbles? Another strong motivator, these can be used as a reward for articulation and language students, or as a language activity in itself.
  6. Books: As we know, literacy is so important for all of our students! This is why I always keep a few books on hand for all reading levels. As a bonus, they pack light!

What's in your go-to therapy bag of activities?

-Erika Baldwin, M.S., CCC-SLP